Born in Berlin, Germany in 1969, I started my international travel during childhood going on extended tours with my family to Scandinavia and the British Isles. At the age of 12, I started traveling alone internationally by train – and at 15, I spent 6 weeks touring Southern & Eastern Europe by Interrail. Following my months at a U.S. High School in Michigan in 1985, I knew my destiny was to travel and engage with the cultural “Other”.

My tour management career started 30 years ago during my student days at Heidelberg University (Translation & Interpreting English/German/Spanish) when I started as a tour guide for student tours (EF Cultural Tours). I then completed my M.A. in German translation (Kent State University, Ohio) and taught German, Spanish & French at a private High School in Las Vegas in the 1990s before finishing my Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (University of Surrey, 2001) and dedicating myself full-time to tour management & operations thereafter.

Since then, working exclusively for Tauck Tours (, my travel has taken me all across Europe, the Americas & Asia with a focus on individually curated, culturally enriching travel experiences. On every tour I lead, the focus is on encounter, engagement & exchange – providing authentic experiences, dismantling stereotypes and sharing my enthusiasm for learning about the cultural “Other” with my guests.

With my German/American background and my bases in Budapest, Hungary and Lisbon, Portugal, my personal area of expertise have been in-depth travel & cultural exploration in Central Europe & the Iberian Peninsula.

Please contact me for further information on customized, personally curated travel options for your best possible tour experience.

Qualifications Summary:

An experienced travel professional with comprehensive cultural knowledge of most major European and selected international destinations.

In-depth knowledge of operations and management for educational and performing arts tours, including client-supplier mediation, socio-cultural differences, local history and culture

Author of several publications including journal & blog articles, book reviews, and conference papers.

Specialties: Tour Management & Operations
Cross-Cultural Mediation
Languages & Intercultural Communication