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Canarian Coastlines of the North: Puerto de las Nieves & beyond

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For visitors to Gran Canaria who prefer local alternatives to the mass-tourist resorts around Maspalomas in the South, the capital city of Las Palmas constitutes a perfect gateway for exploring treasures off the beaten track in the island´s center and north. From here we have previously set out to discover the Canarian Rum city of ….  Read More

Market Day in Vega de San Mateo, GC

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In yet another “Treasures off the Beaten Track” contribution on Gran canaria, we shall continue to draw attention away from the mass tourist resorts of the South and offer alternative trajectories to visitors of Gran canaria. As on previous occasions, we shall focus on the island´s capital LAS PALMAS as a gateway and outline several ….  Read More

Hiking in Alicante Province: El Picatxo of San Cayetano

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In yet another edition of BEYOND THE BEACH, we would like to discover outdoor and hiking opportunities in and around Alicante. Several non-profit groups are dedicated to organizing and executing hiking excursions in the area on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, including Fartets Senderismo Montaña ( The regional government of the Comunitat Valenciana and local ….  Read More